Uma Temakeria

sushi hand roll.jpg

Every time I see the crew from Urban Space NYC set up the culinary pop up market near Madison Square Park, the inner fat kid in me can’t help but get uber excited. For the entire months of May and September, Madison Square Eats offers up a variety of good eats, all a few steps from the front of my office building.   My goal has been to try as many vendors as possible, so even though there are several booths that I thoroughly enjoyed the last time MSE was around, I try my best to visit new vendors each time. One of the new vendors I tried was Uma Temakeria, which offered a selection of hand rolls. If you’re unfamiliar with what a hand roll is it’s basically a cone shaped sushi roll. Unlike a sushi roll, which is sliced into bite sized pieces, a hand roll is served as just that. It’s kind of like a Japanese burrito, although it should not be confused with the newish food trend sushirito, which they also offer at Uma Temakeria. I ordered one tuna hand roll and one salmon hand roll with a kale side salad. I must say that the fish was very fresh and the salad was good. One caveat is that a few days later, one of my girlfriends also got the kale salad and it was not fresh; so the salad could be hit or miss. On the plus side, she complained to the restaurant and they apologized and offered her compensation. I personally enjoyed their hand rolls and would probably go to one of their two brick and mortar locations in the City.



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