Beauty & Essex

beauty and essex chandelier tuna wonton tacos tuna sashimi bone marrow box of doughnuts

It’s a little hard to find. This gorgeous restaurant is hidden behind a pawnshop in the Lower East Side. Once we figured out where it was and entered through the pawnshop’s back door, we found ourselves in a lavishly decorated restaurant complete with ornate chandeliers. We were seated upstairs thankfully as the bar downstairs was starting to get crowded and loud. The upstairs restaurant was distinctly more quiet and calm as compared to the bar downstairs.

The menu primarily consisted of small plates that were meant to be shared. Since there were three of us, we decided on five plates to start, which ended up becoming six once we decided to get dessert.

We started with the tuna poke wonton tacos, which was filled with fresh tuna topped with cilantro, radish, and wasabi kewpie. It was delicious and the wanton shells were wonderfully crunchy. Next we had the tuna sashimi, which again had very fresh tuna and was garnished with a Serrano pepper and avocado mousse with white soy chili vinaigrette. It was a tad bit spicy, which I actually found enjoyable. I insisted that we get the roasted bone marrow. I was so glad we did because it was like butter, which was perfect on top of toast. Then the kale and apple salad came, a good thing to follow the deliciously fatty bone marrow. Next came the guianciale pork pizetta, which was basically a pizza topped with a salami type pork. We ended the meal with a box of doughnuts, which comprised of vanilla beignets filled with chocolate hazelnut cream and raspberry jam. The “doughnuts” were good, but not mind-blowing.

Overall, the meal was good, but not blow your socks off good. I recommend going at least once for the experience.


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