Vin Sur Vingt – NoMad

vin sur vingt escargot vin sur vingt

Every time I go to Vin Sur Vingt at their NoMad location, I never get disappointed. The food menu may be somewhat limited for a restaurant, but the quality of food, wine, and service never disappoints. This is not the place to go if you’re expecting a large dinner; you have to keep in mind that it’s a wine bar. And when I go, food is a second though and only serves to accompany the wine (i.e. let’s me drink more since I won’t have an empty stomach). Regardless, all the dishes I’ve ever ordered from Vin Sur Vingt have ben excellent, from the buttery, garlicky escargot to the well-balanced charcuterie and fromage plate. And the service—impeccable. The servers are quick with recommendations depending on what you’re in the mood for. And the wine list—endless; you’re sure to find a wine that suits your palate. My only recommendation is that you come earlier in the evening; that way you are sure to get a table, and a reservation wouldn’t be necessary. If you are going with a larger group, maybe five or more, I would recommend getting a reservation as the tables are small. Vin Sur Vingt has become my go to place to relax and unwind with a glass of wine for the summer.


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