NYC Restaurant Week Summer 2015: All’Onda

veal meatballs uni bucatini olive oil cake

Ah! My favorite time of the year has come again: New York City Restaurant Week. For this time round, I decided to do brunch at All’Onda, an Italian restaurant located in Union Square. I had been looking forward to brunch at this restaurant after poring over their Restaurant Week menu and reading all the reviews on Yelp.

I arrived at the restaurant right at my reservation and was promptly led to the restaurant upstairs and seated. Since I already knew what I wanted as soon as my server came I ordered the polpetti alla veneziana, the uni bucatini, and the olive oil cake.

The polpetti alla veneziana was a savory veal meatball dish smothered with a tomato and parmagiano fonduta. While the veal meatballs were delicious, they were not mind-blowing; however, the uni bucatini knocked my socks off. It was all sorts of creamy goodness, and I couldn’t get enough of it. I honestly felt a twinge of sadness when I got to the last bite. My sadness was abated when the olive oil cake arrived. It was paired with a ricotta gelato, macerated strawberries, and basil; and re-affirmed my belief that olive oil makes for great dessert.

Overall, I would definitely go back to All’Onda; the service was great and the food was outstanding.


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