Shhhhh… Please Don’t Tell

PDT cocktails 2 PDT cocktails crif dogs

I’ve been dying to go to PDT ever since I saw it on an episode of Anthony Bourdain’s “The Layover.” One Sunday a few weeks ago, I tried calling exactly at 3 PM. They don’t take reservations ahead of time, and you have to call at 3 PM the day of to get reservations. It seemed to take forever, but finally I got through at 3:15. However, the earliest reservation they had was 12:30 AM, and as I had work the next day, that was impossible. The girl taking my reservation said that if we were to come in that evening I could put my name down and they might be able to take us. We arrived in the Lower East Side around 6 o’clock. To get to PDT you have to go through Crif Dogs. There’s a telephone booth on the left as soon as you enter the little hot dog joint. We put our name down and as we waited we helped ourselves to some hot dogs from Crif Dogs. I ordered the tsunami dog, which is a house dog, wrapped in bacon and served with teriyaki, pineapples and green onions. It was amazing as were the tater tots that we split. After waiting less than an hour, which really isn’t that long a wait considering, we finally got into PDT and were seated at the bar. The cocktails were amazing. Watching the bartenders make our drinks from scratch was like watching artists who have clearly practiced their craft to perfection. I loved my drinks so much that I was determined to have cocktails of that caliber again. I knew it would be difficult to get into PDT again so luckily I got my bartender’s name and the other bar that he works at on Tuesdays and Fridays. Even though I know it will be hard to get reservations, I would definitely go back to Please Don’t Tell.

Please Don’t Tell


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