NYC Restaurant Week Winter 2015: Brasserie Les Halles – Park Avenue

les halles crawfish vol au vent lamb provencale


Entering Les Halles on Park Friday night as the final dinner for NYC Restaurant Week I immediately thought that it was not at all what I expected. It was dimly lit—not too out of the ordinary—but it was loud and very crowded. The crowd I expected, it was the noise and the music, which was Top 40 circa 2000. It felt odd eating French cuisine while listening to Britney Spears singing “Everytime”. We were seated in a small booth, which provided for good people watching. The server came out and gave us bread and butter, but he didn’t give us plates on which to put the bread so our table soon became covered in crumbs. The waiter came back out to take our orders and as we were explaining that my friend has a nut allergy we felt that he didn’t really understand or he didn’t care to understand. He left after taking our order and didn’t note that we were not given plates for bread. When another server came to deliver our drinks I asked for bread plates, but when they brought out our appetizers they promptly took the bread plates away and did not bother to clean the crumbs off of the table. After noting a green sauce on both our appetizers we told the server who had brought the food that we told our waiter that my friend has a nut allergy and the server looked perplexed, like it was the first time it was mentioned to him. So he went to the back to verify and came back to tell us that there were no nuts in either dish. Regardless we were wary.   My appetizer was the crawfish vol au vent, which was crawfish in a cream puff pastry. It was mediocre and tasted more like a run of the mill potpie. The crawfish was overcooked and the Dijon slightly overwhelming. We both ordered the Roasted Leg of Lamb Proveçale, which was slightly better than the appetizer but was nonetheless underwhelming. The lamb was delicious but could have been more tender to be completely enjoyable. I ordered the mocha religieuse for dessert, which was good but again not mind-blowing. Over all I would say the food was comme ci comme ça and the service was downright terrible. I don’t recommend wasting money at this establishment.


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