Brunch: Supper NYC

supper nyc french omelette hazelnut panna cotta

Sunday’s weather in NYC was terrible. It started snowing pretty early in the day and kept going all day. Luckily a couple of girlfriends and I were warm and toasty in a cute little restaurant in the East Village. The restaurant offers “rustic Italian food from an open fire.” “Rustic” is an understatement.   I would add “quaint” and “homey” to how I would describe this family style restaurant. I ordered the simple French omelette with a side of smoked bacon. The omelette was good and the fried sage inside was a nice surprise. They served the omelette with a side of arugula. The dish was good with simple ingredients. While I wasn’t overly impressed with their brunch menu, the fact that they had 3 for 1 drinks as a deal for brunch made up for what the food lacked. Perhaps being a rustic Italian restaurant means that their forte lies in the dinner menu and not brunch. If I were to go back, I would go for dinner and hopefully would find the experience more enjoyable.


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