NYC Restaurant Week Winter 2015: Petrossian

caviar sturgeon

I have been dying to go to Petrossian. I had planned to go the Russian restaurant known for its selection of fine caviars last restaurant week, but plans fell through. Fortunately, plans worked out this time round and it was well worth it. Not only was the food superb but I saw the lovely George Takei dining there as well.


For an appetizer, I ordered caviar, which they served with the fluffiest warm blini and some sour cream. The caviar was absolutely delicious and left me wanting more, which is why for my main course I ordered the sturgeon with caviar beurre blanc. The sturgeon was flaky and moist, cooked a little on the raw side, which is how I prefer my fish. And I honestly wanted to lick my plate, but I felt that the restaurant was the type of establishment that would frown on that behavior. And so I tried to restrain myself when the flourless chocolate cake I ordered for dessert came. Overall, I would say the service was excellent, the ambience sophisticated, and the food delectable, and I would definitely want to return and try the a la carte menu.


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