Red Rooster Harlem

red rooster harlem

spiced sweet potato and apple french toast

pork sausages

After a year of planning, we finally made it to Red Rooster for brunch. I’ve been dying to try the brunch menu at celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson’s Harlem based restaurant. Featuring items that combine Chef Samuelsson’s childhood in Sweden and Harlem’s soul, the brunch menu at Red Rooster is a culinary delight.

A combination of luck and the fact that we arrived fairly early Sunday morning had us seated pretty quickly. The dining room was bright and lively, and the live jazz music just added to the ambience of the restaurant.

We started with the cornbread, which was served with honey butter and tomato jam. It was so light and perfectly, crumbly moist, and adding the honey butter and tomato jam on top of the cornbread just made it that much more delectable.

We both ordered the spiced sweet potato and apple French toast with a side of smoked bacon and pork sausage, and when our entrees came out our jaws dropped. And when I had my first bite of the French toast, topped with the cinnamon whip and dipped in the maple syrup, it was a flavor explosion. The crispy sweet potatoes on top added a nice crunch to a wonderfully fluffy French toast. The pork sausage was also a burst of flavor, juicy and with a hint of rosemary. The smoked bacon was succulent and perfect when dipped in the maple syrup.

All in all, the trip was definitely worth while. I just can’t believe we waited so long to go. I am decidedly going back, especially to check out the Ginny’s Supper Club right below Red Rooster.


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