Red Hook Lobster Pound & Brooklyn Oyster Party

Lobster Roll and Oysters

The other Friday, my one girlfriend and I met up to go shopping.  I’m now officially broke, but it was worth it because I bought all the gear I need to go on my upcoming trip to Iceland, which I can’t wait for because I’m going to eat shark and tell you guys all about it… but I digress.  Before hitting up SoHo, we of course stopped by Madison Square Eats, which fortunately is right in front of my office.  I’m one lucky gal.  I hit up Red Hood Lobster Pound and its next door neighbor, Brooklyn Oyster Party.  Of course I got a lobster roll from Red Hook and it was amazing!  They put plenty of large chunks of lobster meat in a warm and buttery roll.  To go with the lobster roll I also got I can of Narragansett which was very refreshing.  I also got some fresh shucked oysters from Brooklyn Oyster Party, which was the booth right next to Red Hook making it super convenient.  They have several varieties of oyster and I chose ones that came from Massachusetts which were nice and meaty.  I am definitely planning on going back and trying other types of oysters.  Who knows?  I might get lucky and find a pearl.  Even if I don’t, I get to eat yummy oysters.


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