The Cannibal

pigs head cuban

I’ve waited for what seemed like forever, but Madison Square Eats is back! My goal is to try every vendor that I have not yet had the pleasure to sample. The semi-annual culinary pop-up market near Madison Square Park is back for the month of September, and as soon as it opened for business on Friday, September 5th, I lined up at the Cannibal, whose brick and mortar store on E 29th street is a beer and butcher shop. I tried their pig’s head Cuban sandwich. They take parts of the pig’s head, like the ears and snout, which they then cook for fifteen hours and press into a terrine. The terrine is sliced thinly and layered with Vermont ham, pickles and gruyere, and pressed into a Panini. The sandwich was so big that I had half for lunch the other half a few hours later. Although the pork and the cheese was very rich, it wasn’t too greasy which was a pleasant surprise. I only wish I wasn’t there during my lunch break since I’m sure any of the beers they had on tap would have gone really well with the Cuban sandwich. I’m definitely planning on going back, when I’m not on the clock.


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