Sorry, Another Insect Related Post, Don’t Click if You’re Squeamish

grasshopper tacos

I am on a bizarre foods kick.  Last night my boss took us out for a team dinner to a place that I recommended.  It’s this marvelous Mexican restaurant right in theater district with amazing guacamole, at least that’s how I sold it to them.  Little did my coworkers know that I had an ulterior motive, this restaurant called Toloache served grasshopper tacos.  Yes, friends, I said grasshoppers.  The proper name is chapulines.  They give you a good heaping serving of grasshoppers in each appetizer sized taco.  The crunchy insects are prepared Oaxacan style with onions, jalapeno, and guacamole.  The guacamole was delicious, but I wish the tacos were a bit spicier.  I really can’t describe the taste of the grasshoppers, as they don’t taste like anything I’ve had before.  The only thing I can say is that I feel they tasted a little grassy, if that makes any sense.   I can’t say that I loved them, but they were not terrible.  I did enjoy how crunchy they were.   Other than the grasshopper tacos, I also had some of their chips and guacamole, the sopa de tortilla, and the flan.  All the food was delicious but I wouldn’t say they were so extraordinary that I would go back, now that I’ve tried the grasshopper tacos.  I could be biased because I have a favorite Mexican restaurant that is my go to place.  Overall, I’d still recommend trying out Toloache on 50th and 8th.


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