That One Time I Had Scorpions

typhoon scorpions

I am completely obsessed with Andrew Zimmern and “Bizarre Foods”.  So a couple years ago, when my girlfriends and I took a short vacation in Los Angeles, the first thing I did was lookup all the places that Andrew Zimmern visited during the LA episode of Season 2.  The one place that really stood out to me was Typhoon located at the airport in Santa Monica.  Its cuisine is Asian Fusion.  The menu is interesting as they have a section devoted to insects and another to amphibians.   They offer scorpions, crickets, silk worm pupae, ants, and frog legs.  I went with the Singapore-style scorpions.  I was a little disappointed.  I had expected a platter of many crispy scorpions.  Instead I got two little scorpions on shrimp toast served with a spicy sauce.  When I bit into the toast after dipping into the sauce, I could mostly taste the shrimp and I honestly couldn’t tell you what the scorpion tasted like.  The only thing I could tell you was that the scorpions were crunchy.  The plate itself was delicious.  I just wish I had more scorpion and less shrimp.  If I ever find myself in LA again, I would definitely go back if only to try the other delicacies on the menu.  I might try the scorpions again, but next time I’d tell them to “hold the shrimp”.



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