Gung Hay Fat Choy!

sur la table

Last Friday marked the start of a New Year for many Asian countries, from China to Japan, to South Korea, and to Vietnam.  I myself am 1/8 Chinese.  As minimal as that seems, I am proud of my mixed Asian heritage and always in some way celebrate the Lunar New Year.  This year a certain someone and I took a cooking class at Sur La Table, which is located in Hell’s Kitchen near Columbus Circle.  They have a variety of different cooking classes; last Friday’s menu is as follows:

  • Pork and ginger dumplings with sesame soy dipping sauce
  • Chinese pork tenderloin with sautéed bok choy
  • Kung pao shrimp
  • Green tea fortune cookies

Much of the prep work was already done for us.  The instructor walked us through each step, and he was very clear with the directions.  Each dish was very delicious with the different sauces creating depth of flavor.   The pork and ginger dumplings were delightful little bites, while the kung pao shrimp delivered a spicy punch to your mouth.  The pork tenderloin was very juicy and tender, and the accompanying bok choy was simply scrumptious.  We had to write our own fortunes for the fortunes cookies, and I tried some humor by writing “Help! I’m stuck in a fortune cookie factory!”  The fortune cookies were then put on a tray, from which we later randomly picked a fortune.  I hope whoever got mine found it amusing.  Overall, I learned some new techniques, and this menu seemed easy enough that I look forward to trying it on my own in the near future.


If there’s a Sur La Table near you, definitely sign up for a cooking class.  It’s fun and you get to try great food.



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