That One Time When I Had Goat Tacos

barbacoa tacos

For months now, I’ve been dying to try this little hole in the wall Mexican deli and grocery located in Hell’s Kitchen called Tehuitzingo.  Finally, last week my girlfriends and I braved the Arctic temperatures and went.  Unfortunately, it was closed; not permanently “we’re out of business” closed (or so I’m hoping) but “sorry we’re closed even though it was lunch time” closed.  We were starving and freezing so we happened upon another Mexican restaurant just a few doors down called Tulcingo Del Valle.  Now the reason I originally planned to go to the first Mexican place was that I heard they served authentic Mexican food, and I was excited to try their tacos.  What is special about their tacos for me is that they serve the cuts of meat that you wouldn’t normally get at most Mexican restaurants as I feel, and sadly so, that most Mexican restaurants tend to be Americanized—a fact that I fear can be said of most ethnic establishments.  Now I understand the need to adapt to the culture and tastes of one’s adopted country, but sometimes I just want to eat food from a restaurant and feel like I’m actually in another country.

Tulcingo Del Valle is located in Hell’s Kitchen near the corner of 47th and 10th.  They do have an American menu, but I was mainly interested in their tacos.  They have different types of beef and pork, but I wanted to try their chicharron (fried pork skin), lengua (beef tongue), and barbacoa de chivo (goat).    They have a 3 for $10.50 tacos deal, unfortunately you can’t mix and match; so I went with the barbacoa de chivo.  When you eat goat, you know you’re eating goat.  It has a very distinct gamy taste.  The tacos had a nice big serving of guacamole on top of onions and cilantro which was very delicious.  The only thing I would add is some salsa.  I felt that the taco needed a little heat to cut through the strong gamy taste.  They did serve some pickled spicy jalapenos; however, I found those to be too spicy for me.

Also, I tried their horchata, which was actually the first time I’ve ever had it, and it was delicious.  Horchata, I learned, is a traditional beverage made of ground almonds and other goodies.  It was sweet, but not overwhelmingly sugary.

Overall, I would definitely go back.  I want to try the other tacos on their menu as well as their tortas, burritos, and other items.

If you ever find yourself in Hell’s Kitchen and are in the mood for good authentic Mexican, then absolutely try Tulcingo Del Valle.



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